Hello, I’m Piotr, a Berlin–based user interface, experience and interaction designer.


I'm a collaborative designer focused on designing beautiful and people–friendly web & mobile interfaces. I help solving problems by deeply understanding user needs to design timeless solutions with a great sense of aesthetics.

Thanks to Computer Science master’s degree and great passion for technology I have a good understanding of software building process.
In my 9-year-long design career I have contributed to more than 40 digital products. I have worked with Bayer, Thermofisher, Roche, Allianz, P&G, Kellogg’s, many startups, agencies and software houses.

My current efforts are directed towards becoming a full-stack designer and creating highly usable, pixel-perfect digital products that matter.

In my free time I explore Berlin on bike, take pictures (check my event photography portfolio and Instagram) and listen to good music.
My skills:
IA Design
UI & UX Design
IxD Design
Identity Design
Motion Design
Photo & Video
Front-End Dev


I am always excited about new opportunities.
Let’s have a chat!
[email protected]
+49 157 864 36 078